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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's:

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
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Q. When can I register?

A. Right Now! However, there are deadlines. Also, if you register after a certain date, a $10 late fee applies to returning officials upon registration. For registration deadlines go to FHSAA Central Hub.

Q. Does the local officials association charge a fee?
A. Yes, however, you will need to contact your local officials association to confirm the cost.

Q. How much will I make as a register FHSAA Official?
A. Click Here for approximate FHSAA Game fees. To view the exact game fees, refer to section 902 of your FHSAA Officials Guidebook.

Q. What materials / supplies will I get from the FHSAA after I register? 
A. Registered officials will receive access to an electronic version of the National Federation Rules Book, National Federation Case Book, National Federation Officials’ Manual (when available) through NFHS Central Hub in the Arbiter system. Officials will receiave Officials Insurance, and an annual Official ID Card through their Primary local association.

For more information, see Section 102.06 of the Guidebook. You can download the FHSAA Officials Guidebook.

Q. How do I get game assignments?
A. Once registering with FHSAA is complete and contact with the local association is established, the local association will advise of the assignment process used. Many associations require training meeting attendance or evaluation of level of officiating as a part of the assignment process.

Q. What are the start-up costs as a new official?
A. Registration cost, fingerprinting costs, uniform cost.
Many local officials associations have special incentive programs for new officials to help offset costs. 

Q. I've registered to officiate, but my plans have changed. May I have a refund of my registration fee?
A. Registration fees are non-refundable. However, officials MUST notify the FHSAA office directly to ensure that no fines are assessed for failure to complete the online rules exam for their sport(s).

Q. If transferring from another state, how do I get credit for my years of experience?
A. The state association's office will need to communicate (or verify) years of experience to the FHSAA. Please note that all years of experience may not be accepted. You will have to contact your old state association to have them send this information to us (usually via fax or email).

Q. I currently live out-of-state and travel to Florida during the season. Am I still responsible for meeting the requirements of online exam?
A. Because of online testing accessibility, officials who reside out of state will be required to meet the same requirements as officials who reside in Florida.

Q. I have additional questions or a suggestion for this FAQ. What do I do?
A. Use the Contact Page to contact us and ask us!

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